Showcase Reflection

1. Andrew Arvish

The artwork is a photo of three boys silhouettes on a beach playing with Kandamas. The back drop is a breathtaking sunset and the stars at night.

I find this artwork interesting because at first glance it just looks like an average photo of a beautiful sunset. But, after taking a closer look you notice the three boys and when taking an even closer look you can tell they are playing with Kandamas. You will also notice after taking a closer look the stars and galaxy in the sky that can easily be overlooked but add a lot to the photo.

I feel at peace when I look at this photo, because sunsets a very relaxing and the silhouettes are just relaxing and having fun. I also feel small, because who the people are in this image doesn’t matter and the sky reminds us that our world is so big.

I wonder how the artist was able to take such a good picture of a sunset and also how he was able to edit in the stars and galaxy. I also wonder about his inspiration, because it is such a unique and creative piece.

2. Lara Hattatoglu

The artwork is a hand drawn image of a older woman’s face using a pencil. Her face is surrounded by a collage of brightly colored in pieces of magazine.

I find this artwork interesting because of the dramatic contrast. The woman drawn in the piece has clearly suffered a lot and is in pain. However, the collage around her is full of color and life

I feel torn when I look at this piece. The bright colors make me want to feel happy, but the woman’s face makes me sad. The fact that the woman is still very sad and broken even with all the happiness and life in the world, apparent from the collage, makes the piece even more depressing.

I wonder what made the artist decide to surround her amazing, detailed drawing of this woman with the brightly colored magazine clippings. I wonder if her goal was to create dramatic contrast. I also wonder where she got the inspiration for the woman, whether she got it just from her mind or by looking at a photo.


3. Jared Ong


The artwork is a photo of the artist himself with flames edited into the image to make it appear as though fire was shooting out of his hands and that his hair was fire.

I find this artwork interesting because the artist clearly had a plan. He posed just so that he could add in the flames and end with the final result he wanted. The artist had to very purposefully take and edit this photo.

I feel joy when I look at this photo. I know this might not be the normal feeling a viewer feels or even what the artist intended. But, I am good friends with the artist and it brings me joy to see him create such a successful piece. I am also happy to see that the artist is able to give himself super powers through art when he would not be able to in real life.

I wonder if the artist has a story behind this image. I wonder if he wants himself to be a super hero or a villain, or how the artist got his powers? Maybe there isn’t a story and the artist just decided to add flames because it looks super cool.


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